WordPress Design & Development

Really our bread and butter. WordPress is at once a simple CMS and a complex and powerful development platform. Knowing your way around the WordPress Codex is not easy and there are certainly parts we are still learning. But overall, our abilities to design, develop and customize within the WordPress platform is our biggest strength. We are proficient not only in off the shelf theme customization, but also in building from the ground up with themes like _S (Underscores Theme) or Thesis.

We are ready to roll with a local MAMP server idling and also a live dev server at your service. We can have your WordPress site set up on your domain within just minutes or create a development site for you and start building what you need the same day we talk. If WordPress is your need, you have found the right people to handle your project.

We have spent the past few years building our own head-start package to get your project off the right way. We start with a robustly coded framework that we have customized that starts with the _S (Underscores) theme with SCSS support, then add in our favorite SASS packages like Bootstrap grids, Material Design colors, and a few of our go-to JavaScript files that we use regularly. We also have an arsenal of go-to WordPress plugins that we will get set up for you to start things off on the right foot. Our starter package will put you and your site in the best possible position for both success and growth.

The beauty of WordPress is how flexible it is. We are very well versed in how to best use WordPress and how to take advantage of it’s advanced features. If you are thinking of moving your site to WordPress, building a new site, or have a WP site you want to make over, we are ready to jump right in and help you out.