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Impero Media is a full-service website creation company. What that means is that we are more than just design or development. Our aim is to be your total solution for all of your website creation needs. Our workflow includes wireframes and comps from paper & pen to Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, then coding by hand in current HTML5 and CSS3 standards. While we like to sketch by hand and know what we're getting into, we do the majority of our design in the browser. Our setup was meticulously created to speed up development without compromising quality. The result is a site that is coded very well without adding unnecessary code-weight to your servers.


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The Biggest Loser Resort

Development & Optimization

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Customization, Implementation, Setup & Strategy

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Ana Studios

Custom Implementation and Design

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Basies Fargo

Design & Development

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Tournement of Turkeys

Design, Development & Content

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The Ambulatory Advisor

Design and Development for Multiple Sites

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Front-End Development

If you see it in your mind's eye, we'll put it on your monitor. This is your HTML, CSS, JS, etc. Basically everything you see on your screen. On the front-end, if you will...

Original Creative Design

From pencil & paper to Photoshop/Illustrator/Sketch to your final product. Everything needs to be created somewhere. This is a good place to start.

Site Optimization

Slow, busy or new site? No matter what, it should be optimized and loading quickly and efficiently. We will help you set up your caching, your CDN and optimize your images.

WordPress Dev & Design

From simple customization to original theme creation from the ground up. We love working with WP and with _S and Thesis and more while exploring the wonderful world of WordPress.


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