A Case Study

Ecommerce site for jewelry company Chunkysquare, including theme customization, logo design, ecommerce/WooCommerce integration, analytics integration, photo and asset editing and creation, and full site strategic design and consultation.


Who was the client and what was the scope of the project?

Chunkysquare is a local handmade jewelry company. I was hired to reimagine the website to push their business platform from Etsy to their own locally managed website. The process included moving all of their current inventory to WordPress and setting them up with the ability to keep the content and inventory updated. It also included training in WordPress page and product management, as well as setting up their payment gateways, billing and invoicing. To expedite the process in the interest of the client, the site was built off of a premium theme, then customized to the client's liking.


What are the technical aspects of the site? What is the core software and what kind of code/software/etc. is in there?

The site runs on WordPress with WooCommerce integration. It was customized from a premium theme.


What was the workflow and process for how this site was built?

We started with a premium theme and went from there. When it comes to ecommerce sites, I prefer to yield to others when it comes to setting up some of the basic integrations and security measures. With this site, we went with a well reviewed, rated and supported theme of the client's choice, then began customizing the site with the client's products, images, assets and branding.


Were there any big decisions that had to be made?

The decision to use a premium theme was based off of the need for the WooCommerce integration. We didn't want to reinvent the wheel and build product integration by hand as the client had a specific theme that they liked and were willing to work off of to customize.


When did we work on this?

This project began in late 2014 and launched first quarter of 2015.