WordPress & Web Consulting

Web Design and WordPress Services

If you are interested in WordPress services or general web design information, contact me for more information.

WordPress Theme Customization

Theme editing, including CSS styling, PHP files, image editing, and custom color schemes.


Can install WordPress for you to your host, as well as any desired plugins and themes.

CSS Styling

Customize your site’s look with custom colors, headings, fonts, and overall styling. Options are unlimited with CSS styling. Allows for a completely unique look for any site, regardless of the theme or layout.

Layout Adjustments

Adjusting the size of columns, placement of adds or images, size or font of text, placement of logos, etc. Rearrange your site for a fresh look or a more productive experience.

Adsense & Analytics Integration

Take advantage of the power of Google or similar products and have your analytics tracked and your content earn you money by integrating Google Adsense and Google Analytics. Also includes inserting any other data codes or advertising.

Design Consultation

Analyze the layout, design and overall quality of your site and make recommendations taking both aesthetics, SEO and user experience into account.

Social Media Integration

If you have a website, you better have Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. And probably LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and whatever else fits your niche. If you are a business, you should be in control of your Yelp and Foursquare pages. If you have all of these, you should be using them right! Integrate your social media with your site. Build a community and cross promote.

SEO Integration

Full service SEO consultation and integration into your site. Improve your search results and let the world better know what your site is about and how to find you.